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Fukushima Plate

In a society that sacrifices reason to profit, security becomes a luxury for those who can afford it.

The Fukushima Plate is an ordinary kitchen plate with built-in radioactive meter to visualize your food's level of contamination. It might become an indespensable tool of survival in the future.

construction sketch
The option to set the limiting value yourself refers to the facts that people perceive the risks and dangers of radioactive radiation very differently and even governments alter the official limiting values in special circumstances.
plate level 0
When there is no increased radiation measureable all OLED rings remain off. A small light on the bottom shows that the plate is working though.
plate level 1
One glowing ring tells you that there is slightly increased radiation coming from your food but nothing to worry about too much.
plate level 2
Two glowing rings mean there is significantly inreased radiation and your dish is not as healthy as it may look.
plate level 3
The red ring tells you that the measured dose of radiation is beyond the limiting value you set before.